2015-16 Winter League:

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  • All-Net
  • High School (HS)
  • Rookie

League Listings

Level 1

A5B = All-Net 5th Grade Boys
A6B = All-Net 6th Grade Boys
A7B = All-Net 7th Grade Boys
A8B = All-Net 8th Grade Boys
A5G = All-Net 5th Grade Girls
A6G = All-Net 6th Grade Girls
A7G = All-Net 7th Grade Girls
A8G = All-Net 8th Grade Girls

Level 2
B5B = All-Net 5th Grade Boys
B6B = All-Net 6th Grade Boys
B7B = All-Net 7th Grade Boys
B8B = All-Net 8th Grade Boys
D1B = Div 1 Boys (7th/8th Grade)
D2B = Div 2 Boys (5th/6th Grade)
D3B = Div 3 Boys (3rd 4th Grade)
D1G = Div 1 Girls (7th/8th Grade)
D2G = Div 2 Girls (5th/6th Grade)
D3G = Div 3 Girls (3rd/4th Grade)
HIGH SCHOOL:JVB = High School Jr Varsity Boys
VRB = High School Varsity Boys
NOTE: All-Net teams are required to have their Certified Team Binders on Game Day for Game Day Certification. Teams with missing Team Binders will receive a forfeit for that game

Game Results Deadline
Tuesday by 7:30 pm

  • Use the RSportz Game Results input procedure distributed to the Chapters to input your Game Results
Sectional Operation Information : SV NJB Local Web Site


Click on Divisional, All-Net or High School under Active Competitions

Select your specific Division by clicking the blue underlined division ID.

(ex: D1B, D2G, B5B, A8G etc...)

A landing page with Standings and Schedule for that specific division will appear.

Game Results Correction Template

Old Game Information:
Game Date:
Home Team & Score:
Visitor Team & Score:

Corrected Game Information:
Game Date:
Home Team & Score:
Visitor Team & Score:


Send correction to: correct-game-results@siliconvalleynjb.com

Tie Breaker:* Head-to-Head - 1st tie breaker
* Points against - 2 nd tie breaker
* Points differential - 3 rd tie breaker

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